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Real Estate Conveyancing Sydney & across NSW

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Buying property in NSW? Let's get you started.

  • Discuss your property purchase with SYDNEY CONVEYANCING ASAP & before signing the contract of sale if possible.
  • Discuss your intention to buy a property with your Mortgage Broker or Banker. 
  • We negotiate the contract of sale before you sign the contract. If you have signed the contract already, contract can be negotiated within the cooling off period.
  • If you're attending auction, then it is extremely important that the contract is negotiated, the property is inspected and you have a mortgage pre-approval before attending auction.

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Thank you to Harry, Preet and the team! They made buying my first property seamlessly easy and answered all of my questions in a way that was so simple to understand. I would definitely recommend !!
Thanks to Angela and Preet for a fantastic service. Kept me well informed through the entire process and gave great advice when required. Wouldn't hesitate the recommend to anyone wanting conveyancing for their property.
A special "Thank you" to Preet, Angela and Harry. Have engaged their services twice now and have been happy both times with their direct and prompt services. Thank you for your professional work and I can see myself being a happy returned customer for many years to come.
Excellent customer service from Harry and team when dealing with Sydney Conveyancing. I will recommend Sydney Conveyancing for their excellent service.
U are all fantastic. Well done to all the team.Keep up the good job. SYDNEY reviewed.
Thanks a lot to Preet and team at Sydney Conveyancing for making this off the plan purchase so easy and smooth for us. It was a tough and hard settlement especially taking into consideration all the stress that vendor gave . But I am glad that it was all handled in such a professional way - I am not sure of the other reviews on your website as clearly some people can't appreciate enough fantastic service you provide at all times and probably expect stars. In saying that, a big hug and cheers to you and your team. Will highly recommend your service to all. thanks a ton.

Selling real estate in Sydney or NSW? Let's get your Contract ready ASAP.

  • Get a Fixed Professional Fees Conveyancing Quote.
  • We'll get your contract ready promptly and assist your agent to get the property on the market ASAP.
  • We work with your agent closely and assist them in marketing & selling your property.
  • We have the experience & expertise that your property sale deserves.
  • Our fixed Conveyancing Costs mean that there are no surprises for our clients.
  • SYDNEY CONVEYANCING have done Property Sale Conveyancing across NSW for several years with thousands of happy clients.

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Conveyancing Sydney & across NSW

Sydney Conveyancing is a well established Conveyancing firm specialised in Conveyancing matters across New South Wales. Our clients & their interests will always remain our priority whether they are first home buyers or experienced investors or investors from overseas or property sellers or property developers. Our clients can count on us to deliver the right services and solutions.


Transferring Property to spouse, sibling, de-facto, business partner. We'll assist you at every step of the process.

  • Transfer to spouse, children, sibling, business partner or Trust or from deceased person are the most common scenarios that we assist our clients with.
  • Stamp duty advice - Transferring a property interest to a family member or friend will be liable to pay stamp duty. Some transfers are exempt from stamp duty.
  • Mortgage approval & discharge - If there's mortgage on the property being transferred, it is discharged. Best to have a mortgage approval if you're receiving a property.
  • Transfer of whole or part property can be complex & expensive if not done right.
  • You don't have to visit our office usually. That's why we complete hundreds of matters across NSW every year.
  • Discuss your real estate transfer with SYDNEY CONVEYANCING to receive advice on aspects such as stamp duty.

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Conveyancing Sydney & across NSW

You don't have to visit our office usually


Refinancing real estate in NSW

  • Property refinance is often done when you want to get a better mortgage deal or borrow money against the given property.
  • Refinance costs such as Bank's fees, loan mortgage insurance, legal fees are best understood upfront & planned while refinancing property in NSW. Our Licensed Conveyancers will advise you to keep these to a minimal.
  • We liaise with your bank and may be able to assist you with your mortgage paperwork. We'll advise you of any searches required and ensure settlement is completed as expected.
  • Be aware of costs attached your mortgagor's (bank's) fees & charges, stamp duty (mortgage) and legal fees. Please discuss your matter with SYDNEY CONVEYANCING so these be established.
  • SYDNEY CONVEYANCING's fixed conveyancing professional fees means no surprises.
  • Our experienced, licensed Conveyancers will guide you through the entire process.

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