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Stamp duty - how much will you be paying on your property purchase?

Aug 22, 2019 8:07:57 PM


Stamp Duty or Transfer Duty is a revenue levied by State on sale of real estate, or other dutiable property, business etc.

It is calculated on the total value of the property subject to transfer, at the rates prescribed by the State, on the value of property. Rebates or exemptions or duty reductions are available from Stamp Duty and Mortgage Duty,for eligible First Home Buyers.

Transfer duty or stamp duty or business duty is payable on the following kinds of transactions:

  • sale or transfer of land, including improvements in New South Wales (NSW)
  • sale or transfer of business assets in NSW
  • declaration of trust over dutiable property in NSW

Office of State Revenue stamp duty calculator can assist in calculating how much stamp duty you will be liable to pay on your property purchase.

Office of State Revenue grants page provides details of various governments grants available for eligible purchasers.

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