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Swimming pool compliance and registration: what do I need to do?

Aug 22, 2019 8:00:47 PM


Do you have a pool on our property? Do you know that there have been changes to requirements in registration and compliance of pools?

You are required to register your pool and starting 29 April 2015 the pool will have to be compliant before you sell or rent your property.

You are required to register your swimming pool at - Swimming pool register. Swimming Pool and Spa Association's New Fencing Laws page will give you information around your obligation to fence your pool.

Swimming pool self assessment checklist page will provide information on how to self assess your pool.

Pool Compliance

You will need a pool Compliance Certificate which will certify that the pool on your property and the pool fence/barrier meet the safety requirements set by the relevant authority. Your local council will likely have officers or you can hire a private inspector who can inspect the pool and assist you in attaining the compliance certificate.

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