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What is the difference between a Conveyancer and a Solicitor?

Sep 18, 2020 7:46:53 AM

When buying or selling a property, the Conveyancing stage is one of the most crucial parts of the process. It is where all financial, administrative and legal works converge.

A Conveyancer is someone who is specifically qualified to work with the transfer of real estate. They give professional legal advice on title transfers and conduct official legal work to ensure the purchase/sale runs smoothly.

A Solicitor is known to be a more general legal practitioner who also have the specialist knowledge required to handle the transfer of property.

Conveyancers will have a stronger working knowledge of the rules and regulations in the State it is taking place in when it comes to Conveyancing because this is their specific area of expertise.

Conveyancers have an extensive amount of knowledge in this field it is rare that an issue will arise that a Conveyancer cannot solve.

Conveyancers are generally cheaper than solicitors and are highly equipped to guide clients through the buying and selling process.

A solicitor would only need to be engaged in the rare situation that a matter falls outside of a regular conveyancing transaction and goes into litigation.

A Solicitor will often charge clients by the hour rather than a fixed professional fee as Conveyancers do. With this, Solicitors often hand most of the work to their Paralegals or Secretary’s and are known to take longer to get the job done as they spread themselves across many other general cases which are time consuming.

A Conveyancer has all the necessary skills required to allow for a smooth and stress-free transfer at a lower cost in a timely manner.

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